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Monday, February 21, 2011

5 min before 2

We all walk a path
some straight and narrow, others wide and winding..
we never know what path we are going to take
till we step outside of our shell,
our idea of what things should be and face reality.
face the fact that we are going to get hurt, rejected, shunned.
the fact that we won't always be protected
by our shell of self-denial no matter how hard we try,
cause in the end our best just isn't good enough.
it can only get us so far down that path.
that unpredictable, unprotected path
that we must take at some point in our lives.
but there is also joy, compassion, love.
outside of our shell there is warmth, and freedom.
everything good in the world, ripe for the picking,
all we have to do is reach..
take the risk, step outside ourselves and reach...
- Unknown...